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by Sara Bartlett November 29, 2016

So what is PARC all about? Why a swimwear company? I get asked these a lot.

It started with the idea for swimwear that was truly functional. A bikini that stayed on, looked great and something I felt fantastic wearing. This meant no string, no triangles and fabric that didn't leave you with a sad saggy looking bum.

I started researching and obsessing over swimwear. I scoured the market trying to see what I could find and what was out there. After months of collecting Instagram handles and scrolling through all these images of swimwear companies daily, it hit me. There were barely any companies out there focusing on real women. Just women displayed constantly in a sexual manner. Models posing in bikinis with the perfect tan, the perfect hair and "the perfect" body. I certainly don't have a perfect tan (or one at all), hair that magically flows perfectly in the wind or a body that looked liked any of these women.

And why should I care if I don't look like them? But the truth is most of us do. We're constantly bombarded with these images and they make us feel like we need that hair, that tan, that body in order to feel confident and valued. This sparked conversations with friends and guess what. Everyone felt the same. 

So many voiced dismay about getting into a bikini. They had issues with most on the market because they didn't fit their curves or how the ones that did were not ones that they wanted to wear. But the root of the problem was that they didn't feel confident about getting into any bikini because of the physical flaws they feel they have.

These women are the most passionate, driven and loving people you will ever meet. They love getting into the water and being active. Something that I'm very passionate about as well. Paddling out into the ocean for the first time in months makes every part of my soul tingle with excitement and I'm more content then I will ever be at that moment.

I'm not posing on the beach looking "perfect". I'm jumping into the ocean and experiencing life. I think these are the moments that we should be sharing, talking about and ultimately showing in the industry.

The real things that matter.

These passionate women doing what they do and charging at life. These are the women that we should be looking up to no matter what shape or form they come in.

This is the drive behind PARC. This is the why. I want every women to be able to get out on the water (no matter what they're doing) and love how they feel. With PARC I want to be able to feature these women and tell their story. I want to change how we feel about getting into a bikini and doing the things we love.

I hope you will follow along on our journey and share your story with us.



Sara Bartlett
Sara Bartlett


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